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FLABéLOS Whole Body Vibration Bearwood Birmingham

Welcome to Wobble Box, our latest addition to the Nailbox Nail and Beauty salon in Bearwood Birmingham.We are proud to currently be the only salon in the area with the latest FLABéLOS Whole Body Vibration, the top of the range weight loss and Whole Body Vibration machine.

Benefits of the FLABéLOS Whole Body Vibration

      • Provides a whole body workout in 10 minutes
      • See and feel the difference immediately
      • Easy to use – stand on vertical plate, select programme, feel it work its magic
      • Works for virtually all ages
      • Works for all fitness levels, beginners to advanced
      • Use in any comfortable clothing
      • Tones key areas including stomach, thighs and buttocks
      • Weight loss: 84% of users rated it excellent, very good or good
      • Toning: 96% of users rated it excellent, very good or good
      • Relaxing: 91% of users rated it excellent, very good or good

 How FLABéLOS Works?

The FLABéLOS WBV is a new training tool – Through research and clever technology, vibration training has been proven to improve and benefit the body in many ways. The OTO FLABéLOS is really easy to use. Simply stand on the machine, put your feet apart then select your desired programme level. The alternating tilting movement of the platform works continuously through a sequence of vibration levels during a 10 minute session. The OTO FLABéLOS employs a ‘pivotal’ system that oscillates just like the action of a seesaw. This sends out a fast sequence of vibrations specifically designed to trigger and stimulate muscle walls. The further apart you position your feet (or hands) the greater the force transmitted through your body.

For more information on our FLABéLOS Whole Body Vibration, just pop in or call us on 0121 434 4224

MONTHLY OFFER – 31 consecutive days £20